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“Cyberstarts’ deep industry connections and extensive operational experience contributed significantly to our growth as entrepreneurs and a company.”

Idan Ninyo, CEO

Keep APIs Out of the Headlines

"With another investor your first customer will be an Israeli tech company. with Cyberstarts, it will be Walmart."

Oz Golan, CEO

Agile Passwordless Authentication

"Cyberstarts is an extremely valuable partner along our journey. Gili's experience as an entrepreneur and investor and the access to Cyberstarts' highly committed network of security professionals are priceless to any Cyber focused company."

Mickey Boodaei, CEO


“Gili & Lior are invaluable mentors and advisors through the riskiest and most significant time for any startup. They skillfully infuse their experience and invaluable opinions without acting like the owner of the company.”

Michael Fey, CEO

One secure access solution for all

“What makes the Cyberstarts experience so valuable for founders is the direct and deep interaction with Gili and Lior combined with access to their network of CISO’s, IT decision makers and influencers.”

Gil Azrielent, CTO

The way to securely transfer digital assets

“Gili and Lior are dedicated mentors, guides and partners, continuously investing in our success.”

Michael Shaulov, CEO

Cloud infrastructure security reimagined

"I couldn’t imagine the level of partnership with Cyberstarts, so much more than connections. We don’t feel like another startup Cyberstarts invested in, we feel significant, in this journey together."

Assaf Rappaport, CEO

Lavi Ferdman

Hila Zigman-Zinshtein

Michael Fey

Raanan Raz

Assaf Rappaport

Yuval Ofir

Tomer Schwartz

Oz Golan

Roni Fuchs

Tal Zur

Tamar Cyera

Tamar Bar-ilan

Michael Shaulov

Yinon Costica

Lior Barak

Kfir Tishbi

Dor Knafo

Amiram Shachar

Mickey Boodaei

Pavel Berengoltz

Roy Reznik

Ofer Hendler

Idan Ninyo

Liav Caspi

Ami Luttwak

Yotam Cyera

Yotam Segev

Michael Kantarovich

Shay Levi

Idan Ofrat

Rakesh Loonkar

Gil Azrilient

Liran Polak

Dan Amiga

Eyal Mamo

Shuky Chen

Merav Bahat

Rakesh K. Loonkar

Peter Mckay

Ofer Hendler

Nir Zuk

Slavik Markovich

Amichai Shulman

Mille Gandelsman

Yair Grindlinger

Gil Zimmermann

Nadir Izrael

Guy Podjarny

Yevgeny Dibrov

Marius Nacht

Assaf Rappaport

Roy Zisapel

Zohar Alon

Dan Amiga

Adi Sharabani

Shlomo Kramer

Udi Mokady

Mickey Boodaei

Yuval Cohen

Gonen Fink

Emily Heath

Ori Fragman

Jason Clark

Moni Givol

Mike Melo

Bobby Singh

Pete Chronis

Arvin Bansal

Andrew Kirkland

Heather Gantt-Evans

Matthew Mccormack

Mark Sutton

Naveen Zutshi

Friedrich Wetschnig

Dror Hevlin

Tony Ferguson

Sharon Hagi

Karthik Swarnam

Spencer Mott

Oran Hollander

Cyrus Tibbs

Kevin McCarty

Frank Fanzilli

Ziv Maor

Lamont Orange

Ricardo Lafosse

Mahmood Khan

Gram Ludlow

Erik Bataller

Julie Talbot-Hubbard

Curtis Simpson

David Currie

Eddie Borrero

Sameer Jain

Keith Gordon

Steve Hall

Chris Sawall

Gary Harbison

George Eapen

Gleb Reznik

Adam Holland

Umesh Yerram

Joey Johnson

Betty Elliot

Jim Routh

Nathan Kennedy

Patrick Joyce

Bob Schuetter

Mike Crowe

Karl Mattson

Tom Schunk

Dave Estlick

Abhishek Agarwal

Dustin Wilcox

Todd Friedman

Lori Havlovitz

Lenny Maly

Adam Ely

John W Graham

Sri Manda

Joseph Tso

Saša Zdjelar

Stu Solomon

Diego Souza

Mike Towers

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Frank Nazzaro

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