Solving the World’s Most Important
Cybersecurity Challenges

From zero to combined valuation of $20B+, within three years

One secure access solution for all

Axis Security connects remote users on any device, to any application making zero trust access amazingly fast, simple and secure without the complexity of VPNs, VDI, networking, or agents on every device.

“With the evergrowing remote workforce, secure remote access is required more than even before. Dor and Gil skillfully identified this opportunity and built an incredible zero-trust solution to tackle this.”

Founded: 2019 Partnered: 2019

Governance for application chaos

Bionic automates governance, overcoming application (environment) chaos with comprehensive application inventory, architecture and dataflows.

“With the massive digital transformation in organizations, applications are at the core and growing immensely. Idan and Eyal solve the headache associated with the complexity of this phenomenon.”

Founded: 2019 Partnered: 2019


Yotam Segev,
Tamar Bar-Ilan

Cloud Security Starts with Data Reality

Cyera instantly and automatically provides organizations Data Reality: complete, current, and correct visibility into all their cloud data and its associated risks.

“We partnered with the exceptional duo, Yotam & Tamar in 2021, to go after the largest exposed single asset in the Cloud, Data. Now fully protected for the first time ever.”

Founded: 2021 Partnered: 2021


Merav Bahat,
Tomer Schwartz,
Yuval Ofir

Automate Cloud Security Remediation

We started our journey after years spent building cybersecurity products at Microsoft, Armis, and Claroty. At Dazz, we’re taking a different approach to security. We aren’t building yet another security product that cries wolf, slows down your business, and causes burnout. Our shared vision is to solve a critical set of problems while improving the lives of security teams and their business partners.

“Cloud security is an amazingly complex task due to the variety of infrastructure and cybersecurity technologies involved. We are thrilled to partner with the experienced and talented Dazz team. In a very short time, they built a one-of-a-kind solution to help Fortune 500 companies systematically improve their security posture.”

Founded: 2020 Partnered: 2020


Michael Shaulov,
Idan Ofrat,
Pavel Berengoltz

The all-in-one platform to securely store, transfer and issue digital assets

Fireblocks is the way to securely store, transfer and issue digital assets in a single platform across the entire ecosystem.

“In 2018 we believed in the Amazing team and their thesis that crypto would become widely adopted by organizations of all types, and once that happens security will be a key pillar to enable this new global flow of transactions.”

Founded: 2018 Partnered: 2018

Sometimes changing one thing changes everything.

At Island we reimagined what the browser could be. By taking in the needs of the enterprise we are able to have a dramatic positive impact on every layer of cybersecurity and all other functions of IT, while improving the end user experience and productivity.

“In 2020 we partnered with the experienced and daring Island team and their mission to change only one thing within the Enterprise… ”

Founded: 2020 Partnered: 2020

The Future Of Software Supply Chain Security

Legit Security protects software supply chains from attack by automatically discovering and securing the pipelines, infrastructure, code and people so that businesses can stay safe while releasing software fast.

“Legit are the right team to go after the ever-growing pain and bring software supply chain protection, from within”

Founded: 2020 Partnered: 2020


Oz Golan,
Shay Levi,
Hila Zigman-Zinshtein

Keeping APIs out of the headlines

Noname Security creates the most powerful, complete API security platform that helps enterprises discover, analyze, remediate and test all legacy and modern APIs, leveraging AI-based anomaly detection and behavioral analysis – without any agents or network modifications.

“Noname are the stellar team to build the right solution for an exponentially growing market need in run-time API security solution for the new data center.

Founded: 2020 Partnered: 2020

Agile Passwordless Authentication

Identity protection is more important than ever. Organizations lose billions of dollars and suffer irreparable brand damage due to identity fraud. Transmit’s passwordless identity and authentication solution keeps Organizations and their users secure and delighted.

“Spearheaded by serial cybersecurity entrepreneurs, Mickey and Rakesh, Transmit offers the most innovative identity protection solution to the market, making passwords redundent”

Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2021

Cloud Identity & Entitlement Management

Acquired by zScaler (NASDAQ: ZS)

“Our investment in Trustdome was a vote of confidence in a talented and experienced team that has already successfully sold one cyber company. I’m glad an important player in the cyber world like Zscaler, rapidly realized the potential of Trustdom, its technology, staff and corporate culture.”

Founded: 2019 Partnered: 2019 Acquired: 2021


Assaf Rappaport,
Ami Luttwak,
Roy Reznik,
Yinon Costica

Cloud infrastructure security reimagined

Wiz enables customers to build safer cloud environments by analyzing vulnerabilities, identities, secrets, exposures, and configurations across the full cloud stack and correlating this information within a single graph to find actual attack vectors.

“It is the 2nd time we partner with this astonishing team who has the experience, grit and stamina to be relied upon by Fortune 500 and market disruptors alike to overcome their most critical cloud security challenges.”

Founded: 2020 Partnered: 2020